TNS 463 25/07/2016 –  Much to tell, we’ve finally turned south back towards Sydney with 190 miles
to go, the piracy training went off without incident yesterday, the spanker
has been stowed, the main course has had a harbour stow too as is no longer
needed and this would appear to be forward starboards final blog entry if we
arrive into Sydney as scheduled in two days time (all further daytime
watches being handled by the permanent crew after that.)

Little time has been given over to our bragging rights for winning the great
egg drop but we would really like to share our team song with you as we’re
really rather proud of it:- (sung to the English National Anthem)

God save our gracious egg,
Bless our Tenacious egg,
Keep it intact.
When it’s thrown from the mast,
We know its shell will last,
Until it lands at last.
Right on the mark.

Oh, how our egg will rise,
To confound our enimies.
We shall prevail!
Confound their shell-fish mix.
Frustrate their ovoid tricks.
On egg, our hopes we fix.
God save our egg.

We are still drifting around Sydney. It must be confusing for you people
tracking us but if you are confused, so are we. We have had some good laughs
though. A mystery person has put chocolate on my bunk and Ali asked Craig to
set the lower topsail. Seen as we don’t have a person called Craig on board,
it would be difficult. We have midnight to 4 tonight with Marcin and then
4-6 tommorow with first mate Sarah. – James
Greetings, Kia Kaha and Kia-ora to all Kiwis from BrianB.
Looking forward to seeing a duckbilled platypus in Sydney Zoo – Alice
11 knots of breeze, blue sky, glorious sunshine and a low swell, plus
finally sailing in the right direction, bliss – Tracey
See you in Sydney Ellen – Dave
Eeeeeeeeeeeee – to all my dolphin friends – Kathryn
Robin’s on mess duty but I’m sure he’d love us to say hello to all his
followers on his behalf.
I’ve spent about 24 hours drifting off Port Macquerie, looks very different
to 25 years ago – Louise
G’day cobbers,  struth, there was no vegemite on the breakfast table this
morning, fair dinkum, pass me a stubbie and throw another prawn on the
Barbie – Tami

Night gathers and now my watch begins,
It shall not end unti the next watch arrives,
I shall take no captain’s seat, hold no mobile phone, father no children.
I shall wear no bikini and win no glory.
I am the radar in the night and the watcher of whales and dolphins.
We are the eyes of Tenacious on other ships at sea, the shield that guards
JST, and the bell that wakes the Kracken.
We are the watchers in the night,
The setters of sails,
The keepers upon the bridge.
& now our watch has ended.

Forward starboard Jimbo, James, Louise, Brain David, Tracy, Cathrin, Robin,
Alice , Tami and Craig