Starting the day smack bang in the middle of the Channel, continuing the journey from last night.

Sadly we got to use the pushing power from the sails only for a short amount of time, which meant more heaving, sweating and tailing for the voyage crew. However, we knew we were approaching South England on our Afternoon Watch (1230 to 1600) when there was a noticeable increase in traffic – tiny sailboats dotted the light blue waters, ferries, a royal navy ship and a massive container ship.

After we anchored off Portsmouth and Isle of Wight, stowing the sails was pretty challenging – we had to roll the sheets back up nice and tidy on the lower topsails of the main and fore masts with a considerable amount of wind. And as with sailing all aspects require teamwork – the stowing included at least ten of us on each mast – dangling above on a thin piece of rope, leaning over to grab sections of the sheet in unison and being very careful not to let go unless we wanted more sweating and tailing. We didn’t of course – and were rewarded with wonderfully delicious scones.

Thu 25/09/14 2130hrs – We are due to meet Lord Nelson or ‘Nelly’, as it is affectionately called, tomorrow in their home port of Southampton. As this voyage is nearing its end, the crew is cozied up in the Lower Mess, having a good laugh and playing board games. As for the Nelly and Tenacious, welcome home.

Signing off,

Aft Port.