I spy with my little eye – sea…. Loads of it, everywhere, so much so that on night watch, some low star on the horizon becomes a UFO, such is the desire to see something else! A bright half-moon night gave way to a sleepy dawn broken by Talking Heads ‘Road to Nowhere’ on the tannoy followed by ‘All hands on deck and at bracing stations in 20 minutes !!!’. So we tack, from our 000 course for Iceland to 075 Spain, before breakfast. Then it’s all back on deck after breakfast to get the staysails, and the outer jib, up; nice fast teamwork there, with a bit of ‘Heave away, haul away, we’re bound for South Australia’ from Pete & Fee. 500 miles to go still ! But you’ve got to do passages like this across Atlantic swell to appreciate real sailing as our ancestors did 🙂