Anchor up after lunch leaving the lovely blue skies at St Raphael. Team meeting followed by a training session by Rowan on identification of lights. Then time for some relaxing in the sun for a few hours. Wind increasing and crew getting their first experience of rough seas, force 8 winds. A change in wind direction meant sails required bracing so lots of sweating and tailing. Sailing throughout the night in very rough sea, wind up to 50 knots. A few crew with sea sickness but most sleeping somewhere.

Sunrise and a new day, very windy , huge swell no land in sight. Ship angling at max of 35 degrees port. Hearty breakfast with perfect poached eggs courtesy of chef Micah. Wind calmed in afternoon and all hands on deck to set the sails fore and main lower top sails, fore and main upper topsails, fore course and the staysail and outer jib. Exhausting but all good fun. Turned off engine and going at 2 knots. Dinner nice and calm lovely spag bog and sticky apricot sponge. Later in the evening we were caught in a squall, all hands on deck to hand main course and T’gallant. Angling at approx. 25 degrees to port making having a shower interesting!

At the beginning of the voyage it became apparent that we are the Most Desirable Watch: everyone who couldn’t remember where their watch was finished up with us. Now we’re determined to maintain our reputation.

So that’s us signing of with lovely stuff…

The Most Desirable Watch, FP, Clare, Peter the great and St Peter, Alex (who appears to able to get more than 24hrs sleep into a day), Mary, Craig and Paul.