TNS403 blog Watch AS.

Today is the morning after the night before. A run ashore in Dartmouth was greeted by the resident population with a grand chorus of traditional sea shanties led by Martin accompanied by the TNS403 Choir. As a qualified Welshman I must say the rendition and choral accompaniment was quite superb. Definitely suited for future development by Gareth Malone. Such a shame that Simon Cowell and his team of experts were not on the shore. The remainder of the day passed without too many incidents. A little too much amber nectar contributing to some bleary eyes and hesitant early rising. Nevertheless the astute Pilot soon assisted us out of Dartmouth this morning with a few toots on the whistle to which we responded suitably. The merriment of the previous night was soon put to bed with some energetic Sail Setting enabling the mighty Tenacious to blaze across Channel waters at a breathtaking 1.1 to 1.3kts. Even more sea shanties from Martin did not assist our progress. Full of enthusiasm we plod on. Who knows what lied ahead. Dai AS W/L