TNS463 26/07/2016 – As we sat on afternoon watch today we were joined by a rather large
tanker that seemed to want to share our bit of water. Luckily, with the
emptying of the freezers in preparation for Australian immigration, we had
pliantly of ammunition to throw if the need to repel boarders arose. A
rather more interesting visitor was a pilot whale that many of the crew got
to admire yesterday afternoon just before sail’s were stowed, he has not
disappeared into the great blue once more.
Yes, the day has been one of ‘giving back’ to the ocean. We started at 09.00
with the Sprout Ceremony performed by Ali the Mate, a moving service in
which all the hated sprouts were hurled overboard. They were soon followed
by some chickens, nuts and left over milk powder. While making the ship that
extra bit lighter so upping our speed this afternoon to a terrific 6.7
knots, our offshore restraint clearly attracted some fishy customers. As we
give to the ocean, so it gives back and we have the great pleasure of
reporting that today Fred the Fishless has once again become Fred the Fish
thanks to a fantastic catch of Yellow Finned Tuna that fed us all in a
lovely lunch! The freshest Tuna around, from sea to plate in just over 2
So it was a day of giving and receiving as we motor towards Sydney in a head
wind. But the sun is out and tomorrow we finally complete our journey from
Fiji, 28 days and just over 2000 miles later. Tenacious has been a fabulous
home for the last month but, fuelled by Pip’s (Our very own Sydney lass)
energetic and informative talk on the joys Sydney has to offer, we are all
rather excited for passing under That Bridge tomorrow at around midday!
Love from FP.