TNS448 26/08/15

The day began with a delicious breakfast which lightened everyone’s mood. This was ironically followed by ‘Happy Hour’ where all the crew cleaned the ship, occasionally being attacked by mops! Following this, we were at last given the news that we would finally be leaving Poole at half past one that afternoon. While waiting in anticipation for half past one to arrive, we were all kept entertained by having a knot tying session where competition was high, with two groups even passing the record time. The quickest time was achieved by the keen cadets in just 1 minute and 25 seconds, dampening the mood of all other teams. When the time that all had been waiting for arrived, we were all put in position ready to leave. Tourists watched from the side in anticipation as all were keen to depart. The Captain’s voice echoed down the ship as commands were being given out rapidly, pulling the ship away from the shore. Quickly following this was a wave of sea sickness, taking down around half the crew. Many were left bedbound, regretfully missing dinner. All are in hope of sailing tomorrow having recovered overnight.