It was a warm and sunny morning alongside in Cadiz. A lovely central berth a short walk from the town centre and a maze of interesting streets. The voyage crew spent the morning sail training and going aloft. A real highlight and possibly a record was Terry Glenn, an intrepid 91 year old American, who went out on the main upper topsail yard. Terry is an inspiring veteran sailor who sailed around the world with Irvine Johnson, of Cape Horn fame, in 1948…. before many of us were born!

We had an alfresco lunch in the sunshine on deck of homemade soup, freshly baked bread and local meats and cheeses.

Just as we had been lulled into a sense pleasant of satisfaction Captain Simon broke the news that the weather gods had decided, yet again, to interfere with our plans. Strong adverse winds mean we won’t be leaving until Friday. There are worse places to get stuck and the nearby tourist office came up with lots of ideas for exploring the surroundings. Unfortunately forecast swells of 5 metres mean Casablanca is no longer on the itinerary. The good news is that the longer term forecast suggests good sailing weather for much of the way from here to the Canaries. Fingers crossed!!

Aft Port Watch