The captain announced that there was no berth available for us in Palma so we were to miss out on a visit to Majorca. Obviously they had not heard about our excellent food. The Captains alternative choice was to sail past Ibiza and then sail to Almeia on the Spanish mainland. Voy ir a Almeia. We sailed on with Majorca’s hills lights and lighthouses on our port side. It was not warm and the waves were not high — about force 4 or 5 but it was raining and there was lightning ahead. During the night Tenacious sailed through rain and fork lightning. The 27th of March was sunny and warm (on the leeward side out of the starboard wind). On the leeward side bodies lay soaking up the sun’s rays,while Ibiza’s rocky coastline could be clearly seen on our Starboard side. Many of the voyage crew resisted sunbathing and listened to a talk by one of the permanent crew about sail setting on tall ships and about sails, masts, lines and cleats. Lunch was an excellent pizza. Sailing in the afternoon was slow because of light winds on starboard and a light sea. But the warm sunshine sparkling diamond sea were a dream.

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