TNS458 27/03/2016

What a 24 hours we have had…. we are easily pleased! Yesterday,  Forward
Starboard claimed prematurely that they would sweep the board with their
curious design for the egg drop, unfortunately (for them) theirs was the
only entry to crash and burn and sink spectacularly into the briny to join
the other flotsam of Davey Jones’ locker.
Our outstanding design on the other hand, the meeting of simplicity and
eggonomics, had mixed fortunes.  After being jettisoned nobly by Steve,
Fliss our first mate steered the ship with such abandon that the mast jumped
in the path of our projectile which bounced off a baggy-wrinkle and a davit,
before landing with less than panache in the DOTI boat.  After shedding some
of its protective porridge and a few of the BS12345 crumple zone rice
crispies, when the casing was finally removed under the watchful eye of the
Captain and most of the crew, our egg was intact – hurrahhh!  A short note
on our fellow competitors: the winners were Aft Port, their papier mache
pirate head was well chucked by Dave and landed with precision on the
bridge.  This entry was the only other design to yield an unbroken ouef and
they were eventually presented with the title (although no prize!).  Fwd
Stb’s entry was launched by Major Norm.  He climbed to the platform while
the remainder of his watch serenaded with a rendition of David Bowie’s Major
Tom rewritten to match the event.  The cadets didn’t disappoint – their
presentation explaining their construction was concise, consisting of a
single word – “egg”. This simple (even simpler than our design) did fly the
furthest but met with a tragic and messy end.
The murder mystery continues unabated.  15 crew members currently survive
with increasing levels of paranoia and new alliances are being formed, our
watch-leader Carol is being terrorised by Svengali Spurrell and his
itinerant would-be assassins. Also in our watch Kate and Chris are still
alive but they have no idea who is after them and as such many sleepless
nights have ensued (and not just because we’ve been on watch).
Most of the permanent crew are still in the game but are wary of us voyage
crew and have retreated to their quarters.
Meanwhile, hot off the press, an hour ago a short range helicopter arrived
out of nowhere, buzzed us, waved and then disappeared without leaving any
Easter Chocolate – boo hoo.  We tracked it back to its ship which then
became visible on the horizon and from the AIS we found out it was a
swordfish fishing boat.
We have had a lazy Easter Sunday, with chocolate cakes and jelly bunnies for
Smoko. Kate led an Easter Sunday service at the main mast and in tradition
with Kath and Paul’s church at home, our cross made by Godfrey was adorned
with paper flowers.
This afternoon promises fun and games for all with an egg and spoon race
(minus the egg!!) and an Easter party – I’m sure you will be updated on that
One last thing – there are only 9 packets of ginger nuts left on board –
these are now under strict rationing and if you are lucky enough to be
joining on one of the next few voyages I would suggest you pack some to
bring with you.
I think we have written enough drivel for one day – we will leave you with
this thought…

You can buy pepper but not salt
You can climb the rigging but not the yards
You can see the moon but not the sun
You can sleep but not nap

Richard, Lee and Jim continue to be clueless!!!

This is Forward Port signing off for another 4 days, greetings to family,
friends and blog readers – Chris, Jim, Lee, Richard, Steve, Mads, Kate and