TNS471, Adelaide to Hobart, 24 October – 4 November 2016

27th October Afternoon Watch – Forward Port

The sun is shining and there is an  ESE wind Force 4.  The sea is moderate – bouncing and bright. Visibility is good.  Our current course of 095 is taking us to Descartes Bay to anchor for the night.  

Last night the wind was on the nose and we needed to change course from 135 to 115 .The First Watch (again the Forward Port) furled all stay sails and put away (handed) the squares on the Forward and Main mast.

It was our first sail handling in the dark. Exciting learning new skills and working together.

Today we have seen dolphins, a whale and one fishing boat. We are carefully avoiding the fishing gear laid out.  Most of the voyage crew are chirpy and enjoying a rest.  Whilst disappointed at not being able to stop at King Island tonight (hopefully later in the voyage), we are all bright eyed in anticipation of a peaceful evening at anchor.  Forward Port Watch – Lee, Tom, Bob, Tina, Alan, Matt, Levin and Rosie xx

PS. Due to the swell observed in Descartes Bay we are now continuing a bit further on and around the corner to anchor off Portland.