TNS454 27/11/15

Day 23

HAHA! At last the blog has finally fallen into the control of myself and the rest of forward port watch! After weeks under the tyranny of the aft and starboard watches the truth can at last be told. Simply put Forward Port, as we all know, is the best!

Now the truth is out we can give you our loyal readers an update of the last few day’s events from our point of view. It has come to the attention of our watch that the 2nd Engineer has suffered a wardrobe malfunction. His hat which has carried two holes has ripped to form a single large hole. As 2nd Engineer it has been deemed that a hole this size is unseemly and can only
be worn by the Chief Engineer meaning the tear must be fixed less he is branded with the mark of superiority by the sun.

After our departure from the Canaries yesterday to great fanfare (a yacht followed us a bit, and nearly got in the way) we set our sails and began turning west for the Caribbean. Unfortunately during the night the god of the wind Aeolus deemed that we were not ready to sail and removed the goodly breeze powering us leaving us with only a mere breath to power our magnificent sails. As ever he has shown himself to be a fickle deity deeming this morning that we were finally ready to sail and once again life was
breathed back into the sails.

Having been on watch for 4 hours this morning with a sum total of the sun, sea and clouds to see our post breakfast stupor was broken by the appearance of a pod of Rough toothed dolphins. The appearance of these unfamiliar mammals was a welcome sight and another species for us to tick off on the list of potentially present marine life we might be privy to. A pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins also appeared a bit later but we’ve already seen those loads. They are almost common.

As we have Americans on board we celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday. Chef Micah prepared a marvellous meal of roast turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, roast carrots and green beans before serving apple pie for dessert. As our American colleagues stated whatever the real story behind Thanksgiving sitting down to a great meal with family and friends is something to be
thankful for and definitely worth doing.

From those of us in Forward Port that is all. Until the next time! Which is tomorrow.