Good afternoon from Aft Starboard Watch and the Bosuns Mates who are just passing. Civilisation is closing and some shipping is now appearing on the horizon. With only 165 – ish miles to go until the Pilot at Seville we have managed to sail an average of 6 knots over the last 24 hours using 11 sails, during which we have seen more of the moon than of the sun. The sea state has now reduced to around a 4 so it is not so bumpy. The BMs have been hard at it, whatever that means! Ah it means they have been de rusting and greasing stuff, all under the watchful eye of Rowan aka “Miss”. Now we’ve been joined by a tired Cooks Assistant who has been busy “making caking”, her words and who is now on her way to bed for an afternoon nap Zzzz. Its good -bye from us and a goodbye from them.