TNS459 28/04/201

Forward Port

Tahiti – Rai’tea – Tahiti

Sadly this short voyage is coming to an end. After several days of heavy rain the voyage crew joined us on a beautiful Tahitian morning. We left Pape’ete accompanied by dolphins. What a great send off. We then spent a glorious afternoon sailing slowly (drifting) along the coast of Moorea. If you have to sail slowly there are a lot worse coastlines to sail past – spectacular jagged mountains looking like they’d been designed by Salavador Dali.

On Wednesday morning we sailed past magnificent Huahine then through the reef passage and into the lagoon to come alongside in Uturoa the small but perefectly formed capital of Ra’iatea.

Ra’iatea is the ancient seat of Polynesian spirituality. Perhaps this comes from the dark, brooding mountains that shade the deep valleys.

Ururoa itself is a small and lively town with at least two bars, both with wifi and one with live music just a few paces from the dockside.

As usual the voyage crew made the most of their time ashore. Some went out to snorkel on reef (apparently even better than the more famous Bora Bora), others went swimming or walking along the breath taking coast line and a few sat in the bars and sampled the local beer.

We are now under sail heading back to Tahiti. It’s been a busy and frenetic few days but great fun. A few of the old hands from the last long leg have looked a bit shocked at how much we’ve packed into such a short trip. There’s a great atmosphere on board and we just wish we could keep sailing.

Thanks to all the permanent crew, not least Ali for the wonderful food, and to all voyage crew.

Chris H, Norman, Alex, Andrew, Bill and Michelle