TNS456 29/01/16

Yesterday was actioned packed in preparation for sailing today toward the Pearl Islands.  We need fresh supplies of fish, fruit and vegetables. So, two intrepid crew members were tasked to attack the fish market, which luckily was achieved by the help of a friendly local. If that wasn’t enough, the next day’s task was to source fresh fruit and veg. Our lovely British Embassy contacts came to the rescue and both Kirwyn and Saad gave their valuable Friday afternoon to help us acquire all we needed. They are genuinely our heroes as the stores order fell short. Not only did the tender fail to bring all the supplies we’d ordered but left a bonus in the form of Enus, one of their delivery men, who they left onboard intending to pick up later and who they did not return for. Poor Enus was stranded on Tenacious but had a tour, including the cable locker (as he was wearing overalls anyway) but became a bit anxious as the anchor cable was shortened. “Ah well”, he said, “I’ve got my passport with me”. But when we said we were going to Australia he seemed a tad concerned. Captain Barbara gave up waiting for him to be collected and ordered the DOTI boat into the water to run him ashore. So, training finished, sails set and we are leaving behind Panama City, sailing in calm airs to la Isla Del Rey in the beautiful Pearl Islands. Someone’s got to do it!

A very slow overnight sail at roughly two knots meant that we woke to the order to hoist more sails and square the masts to maximise the little wind we had, the forecasted 20 plus knots have not materialised. In order to anchor in time for an afternoon swim, we have pulled in all the sails and are now motoring around the south of this beautiful archipelago of islands. Happy Hour this morning was delightfully interrupted by a small pod of whales, too far off to identify, which brought a little relief to the deck scrubbers in the heat of the sun. We’re motoring now, but the sun’s shining and we can see our destination in the distance, it looks like paradise.

FWD Starboard