TNS 401

The voyage came to an end on Sunday 27th April. But not before another anchorage. The voyage crew enjoyed the chance to go ashore in Sark; they were pre-warned to beware of the Sark Shark. Whilst at anchor some crabs were brought off a passing fishing boat. We weighed anchor in the evening heading back towards the Solent. We were of the Needles just before breakfast and managed to sail up the Solent to the anchor with only a very little assistance from the engines. The voyage crew were all busy ready to hand the sails as we approached the anchorage. They then went aloft to stow the course and lower topsails.

The afternoon saw some last minute furtive preparations of various creations of dragons. The dragon making contest was originally intended for St. Georges Day but got postponed until we were at anchor in the evening and every one could join in. The inaugural WI at sea meeting was hosted by Pat Ascroft and Peter Holtby who also had the task of judging the dragons. There ended up being a prize for each category and they made a category for each entry. Captain Darren won the prize for the most pathetic, Micah for photo entry (we had all eaten his Dragon for smoko), Jane got the prize for the most Sparkly, Pete and Jess for the best beer can dragon, Gaz for his pterodactyl lookalike for the most silvery, Nat’s for the injured Dragon (one wing was bandaged), a few other prizes I got the smallest (small embroidered dragon on polo shirt). A good evening was had by all, it had started with BM’s punch and then the engineers did a BBQ. After the dragon judging were a few skits. But definitely the best dragon (which was not in the contest) was Pats she had got Mari cooks ast to draw and colour one in on her chest.

The following day saw an early start with back packing and stripping bunks followed by breakfast then Happy Hour, raising the anchor then motoring down the Solent with commentary provided by Barry the Pilot. We came alongside and the old hands on board knew we were back as we were greeted by a heavy docking shower. Once safely secure and the gangway secure, friends and family came on board to collect people and some people from the office came to say hello. Then it was time to say a fond farewell to the voyage crew.

Yesterday and today saw the permanent crew doing various training and meetings. Tomorrow the maintenance starts, some people arriving tonight, others tomorrow.

Jo Hicks
Medical Purser