29th June 2014

Sunday 29th was a busy day with early starts all-round the volunteers who had not arrived the night before were on board for a bacon butty breakfast by the main mast at 07.30. It was then time for a quick brief of the day’s plan, before last minute tidying up and preparations to receive the passengers for the day sail. When they were all safely on board and had their bacon butties, it was time for them to have their welcome from Captain Simon and safety brief from Richard the mate. The 6 Bosun’s mates were busy helping to get the ship ready to depart and land the gangway (no need to bring it back on board as we were to return to the same berth).

We left the berth and motored up the Solent towards the Isle of Wight passing the Brambles Bank. Passengers had the chance in the morning to climb aloft and also to purchase souvenirs from the shop. They were very well fed by all the galley crew, we had Ali and Micah as cooks they were assisted by Avril, Uncle John, Bill and Neil. The galley team worked hard providing scones and jam and cream, then lunch with chicken or fish, potatoes, veg and salad. Also fruit cake which was marzipaned and iced. Everyone was well fed.

After lunch the wind was more favourable as we made our way back up the Solent and we were able to set some of the square sails and do some sailing, people could help haul on the ropes to set the sail, some managed to have a go on the helm steering the ship, they all enjoyed the pleasure of being on a square rig sailing ship under sail. As we got nearer to Southampton we handed all the sails.

The passengers then had a chance to encounter that maritime weather phenomenon called a docking shower. As per usual by the time the gangway was secure the shower had dispersed. Having completed the day sail with the chance to see how the ship works the passengers then departed on their way home. Leaving the permanent crew and volunteers to clear and tidy the ship ready for the voyage crew the following day.

Jo Hicks

Medical Purser