The day started quietly as the crew on the various vessels started to stir ready for another day. Quite a few of the voyage crew left the ship at 08.45 ready to make their way to Gyllynvase beach, in order to participate in various inter ships sports events including 5 a side and beach volleyball. Some stayed on board and helped with a short bit of cleaning the ship. At 10.00 we opened the ship to the public who started queuing to come onboard as soon as the dock gates opened to the public at 10.00. The queue was longer than the length of the ship and never seemed to get any shorter. A big thank you to all the voyage crew and local volunteers who helped with the open ships. In the afternoon it was not possible to open as the gangway was too steep to allow people safely on as it was low tide mid-afternoon.

At 3pm Hammie prepared a great afternoon tea for smoko with wraps and sausage rolls and scones with jam and clotted cream and saffron cake. The voyage crew spent the afternoon getting costumes sorted out for the crew parade. A loud motley group left the ship to parade around Falmouth. At the prize giving after Captain Darren collected a prize on behalf of the ship the prize was for the best dressed ship. This might have been helped by our being 1 of a few vessels taking part flying the flag of St.Piran the Cornish flag.

The voyage crew went off to the crew party. Usually there was a quiet at the end of the day when the dock gates are closed to the public at 20.00. On this occasion the quiet on board was dispelled by The Falmouth Marine Band who came on board after visiting other vessels some of them almost sounded Intune banging on their drums it was a fun noisy visit

Jo Hicks
Medical Purser