TNS454 29/11/15

A new faction has formed aboard the good ship Tenacious in the last 24 hours. They call themselves the Baggy Wrinklers and they seek to make life better aboard by making baggy wrinkles for the areas that require them. They plan to usurp the tyrannical despots of the spotted whalers and the shanty warblers as masters of the ship in their quest for ever wrinklier baggies.

A baggy wrinkle is made from separated rope to act as anti-chaffing gear to protect the sails.

As forward port watch assembled for watch this afternoon wearing the required level of hattidge the conversation turned to which is the better side of the ship to look out from. Many complaints have been made about people being assigned port lookout duties. Is this because port lookout is somehow less desirable or just because British people need to complain about
something? Personally I’m not sure.

As we sit on afternoon watch we are forced to listen to the second mates lectures about a single global time zone and the difficulties of getting the Australians on board. He has also continued his role as a killer of dreams helping people recognise their obscene fantasies for what they are. This from a guy wanting a global time zone….. Sadly it’s also far too practised
an argument for my brain to argue properly without some research to crush it. God damn the fact that technically time is arbitrary. Ian’s birthday was cause for a raucous celebration last night as the bar came alive with music and dancing during the extra hour gained by the clock going back.

On our watch last night we passed the 2000 mile marker for our voyage. Once again, a thousand miles were travelled and again, forward port were on the bridge to mark this fabulous achievement. Only just this time though as we handed over at 2001 miles.

This morning we saw Atlantic spotted dolphins which came across at 2310 last night. Much easier to see them in the daytime it has to be said.

Whilst the backgammon tournament is nominally underway no matches have actually been played so far. Whilst I am registered in the tournament it is my intention to avoid playing until I have successfully developed my electro-magnetic dice allowing me to control the outcome of each roll whilst also ensuring it seems random…..

Once more today Anna and Chris have continued rubbing the wood of the binnacle which is still missing its cosmetic balls. They have had to ensure that its nuts and bolts were all securely stored before stripping its top layer and giving a good rub down. Okay there are now four of them sanding. The activity should be fine but the sounds and comments…….

Whilst we power along on the wind with most of our sails rigged including the lower spanker the engineers are testing the engines on our ribs. Whilst important it is rather noisy.

The BMs have again managed to avoid catching the sharp end of my vocabulary. There are still 7 or so more days of this watch writing though so we should be able to catch them before too long.

Farewell for another day dear readers and think of us whilst in your beds tonight as we sit on watch from midnight ever vigilant to the wiles of the sea.