Saturday 2nd December the voyage crew boarded Tenacious for its final trip
out of Melbourne (for a while anyway!) headed for Auckland, New Zealand.
Melbourne’s weather was being unkind and therefore we delayed our departure
until Monday 4th. In the meantime we went through our paces in training and
safety drills.

Today we were wished farewell from Seaworks Pier,
Williamstown (Tenacious home port whilst visiting Australia) by locals and
several past voyage crew members. There was a presence of mixed feelings. Most
on the outgoing voyage were raring to go and get out to sea, while many of
those left on the quayside expressed obvious sadness that Tenacious was
leaving Australian waters, such is the effect the ship and what she stands
for has had on so many people here. The experiences, adventures, friendships
and connections that have been made and shared since she arrived almost 18
months ago have left indelible impressions in many hearts and minds.

The welcome, generosity and hospitality she and her crews have been shown by the
positive, bright and enthusiastic people of this country has been
‘awesome!’…. and a whole lot of fun as well. She WILL return.
Now motoring to the heads then the Bass Strait beckons!
Great permanent crew, great group of voyagers – amazing adventure ahead! The
Lamington debate has already started – look out New Zealand here we come!