TNS458 26/03/2016

We’re not going to cross the 3000 mile mark on our watch, we’ll leave that
to the next team.  However, we are moving along at 4.8 knots under the
steady glare in 29.5C of sunshine. The swell has died down – perfect sailing
Highlight of the day was a large chunk of flotsam we passed around 9.30 as
we were squaring the main mast.  It was identified as a home-made keep-net
container with floats & old netting holding a large bamboo structure
together, some wanted to check it for live fish as we haven’t yet caught one
single fish off the stern of Tenacious, but most just watched as it drifted
past, feasting their eyes on the nearest thing we’ve seen to another ship in
over a week.
With 800 miles to go to land, a white bird was spotted, too far to identify,
but a welcome sign at least.
We’re all looking forward to chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.
We’ve adapted a thing of beauty for our egg drop at 4pm today. We should win
on design alone. Murdering on board continues with only 2 of 7 from our
watch are still alive but neither of them have killed anyone else yet
themselves so obviously playing the long game.
Maz our 2nd officer and Tracey the cooks assistant have doing their regular
fitness regime with wall- sit challenges and planks.
Forward Starboard – Louise, Mike, Andy, Steve, Paul, Stretch and Mona