We left Fuerteventura Gran Tarajal, after receiving a civic reception on board.  Such generosity and kindness was shown to us in the guise of local food and drink AND much welcomed  as we hadn’t eaten for at least 40mins – such is the way we are starved on this ship.  Our redoubtable First Mate, Ali Travis, (along with other members of the crew) was interviewed for local TV.

Everyone on the coach at 09.00 was whisked off for an early morning wine and liqueur tasting session after having met Mick’s harem of donkeys (5).  They took a great shine to Mike who shall hence forth shall be known as Don Keyhoti!! (deliberate spelling error) After much merriment, more food in the shape of bread, olive oil, tomatoes and another swidge-up of the donkey’s (one found Georgia’s feet quite alluring) we headed off into the interior of the island.

Unfortunately, the road to the goat farm was blocked by roadworks but fortunately, the local police came to our aid. Delighted we turned the bus around and followed our escort only to find ourselves back to where we had started. THANKS!

Tour conclude with a visit to the Aloe Vera Factory after smoothing our coarse hands with soothing gell. On return, crew members welcomed on board members of the public, showing them the ropes! 57 visitors enjoyed the beauty of Tenacious.

At approximately 16.00, Tenacious was underway for the next leg of her journey to Lanzarote.

The wind is blowing. There are glimpses of blue sky. WE are all happy and smiling. Even better, the lemon sherbets have arrived! xx