TNS458 30/03/2016

Afternoon all!
Another glorious afternoon on watch, 31 degrees in the shade. Less than 400
miles to go now to Nuku-hiva in the Islas Marquises, our next landfall.
Another critical stores item has now run out – no more chocolate!!
On Monday, one of our watch became a member of the “Button Club”. To
qualify, one has to climb all the way to the top of the main mast and touch
its head. He is secretly gleeful and we are all proud of his achievement.
The sea remains calm, the trade winds have left us for the moment, although
the wind is due to pick up over the next couple of days. Meantime we are
gently wafting along under warm sunny skies on the blue Pacific Ocean.
Heaven. Hot Heaven. Hot Heaven…
Fwd Starboard – Mona, Steve, Mike, Stretch, Paul , Andy and Louise.