30/05/15 TNS438

Friday – Turn left at the mouth of Milford Haven, carefully delivering the pilot and his bag of cakes to the Milford Haven pilot boat, and off we go, endeavouring not to bump into Lands’ End or the Isles of Scilly in the dark. After a wet and dreary morning, the sun has come out, we have climbed the rigging to admire the view and are now bound for Southampton.  Two fore-and-aft sails steady the ship and there is not too much seasickness which is great because nobody would like to miss a splendid dinner of chicken pie and chocolate ice cream cake (we have a great cook).

The evening was glorious and it was a pleasure, although rather chilly, to be on watch.  The dolphins agreed with us as they escorted us along the way accompanied by shearwaters, fulmars and gannets (no albatross so these birds were probably on holiday in the Southern Ocean).  There was a spectacular sunset and a beautiful starry night to appreciate whilst drinking many cups of tea. What with logs to fill in, engineering data to collect and our revered watch leader practising for Come Dancing with our equally revered Medical Purser the watch passed quickly and pleasantly.

Saturday – We passed Lands’ End in the early morning and headed east in glorious sunshine. The morning passed in a glorious mixture of happy hour (cleaning heads, scrubbing floor and dusting anything that didn’t move) and evacuation drills, with brief intervals for hot drinks and chocolate cake.

It is afternoon again now , the sun is out, but the dolphins are away, but all in all it has been a lovely peaceful afternoon.  Best Wishes from Forward Starboard Watch – Bill (our watchleader, come Nanny) Heather, Chris, Mahmut, Jon, Carolyn, Graham and James.