Hi everybody!

Yesterday, we left Southampton port and anchored off the coast of Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight for the night. Today we have set off towards the Dover Straits well on our way towards our destination- Harlingen. We are in the Aft Port team currently on watch. We have just been shown how to take the helm and how to carry out other watch duties. Yesterday evening we began with some basic training which consisted of learning how to handle the different ropes and practised evacuation drills in case we need to use them in an emergency. Those who were able were given the opportunity to go aloft, this was great fun, although some found it a little scary! All in all it’s been a fantastic learning curve so far, here’s to the next few days!

Happy sailing, from Doccy, Elaine, Rose, Arya, Alex, Amanda, Ellen, Ray, Nick & John 🙂