TNS454 30/11/15

Today seems to be a day for those with a head for heights and in some cases those that don’t. A stream of people have been seen going up and down both masts seeking to “touch the button”. Some of those ascending do so for noble causes such as, Sophie, ably supported by Clare. Who is fund raising for Motor Neurone Disease (MND). Others such as myself, Angus, Brian, Chris, Chris and Clare climb merely for the sense of personal achievement and so that we can say we did it. Some brave souls even stepped off onto the royal yard. So congratulations to Sophie and Clare climbing for the first time and to those on the yards; I take my hat off to you brave and intrepid souls.

In other news it has been brought to my attention our Medical Purser has decided to try his hand at money laundering. So far he has successfully managed to launder £1.35 and Euro 1.20 left in pockets and now added to JST funds. When questioned about the effectiveness of laundering coinage rather than notes he responded saying that “you have to start somewhere”. We shall continue to monitor this situation and ensure that it does not escalate anymore especially as he is in charge of the money from the sweepstake, for when we shall cross the 60th meridian.

This morning watch leaders were advised to beware of the sun for she burns brightest when the wind is light. Hence the reason all voyage crew are being advised to be careful and wear appropriate clothing/sunscreen. Those of a certain complexion and hair colour have been told to remain in their bunks until the night when it should be safe for them to come out as the moon is

Today the Bosun’s Mates (BMs) are teaching members of our indomitable voyage crew how to splice rope. First in line will be the aft watches whilst those of us forward of the main will have our opportunity to learn tomorrow. It should give the BMs time to perfect their technique for teaching novices thus giving us a better chance of doing well. That or make them bitter and uninterested in teaching due to difficult students.

On the subject of our brilliant BMs Martin is now the only one with hair remaining. It seems that last night Godfrey lost his latest bout with a lawnmower and joined Chris and Ted in the follicley challenged. I’m sure that in 40 years time when I have no hair other people will point to this entry and say HAHA who’s laughing now. For now though I shall remain on my pedestal and enjoy the view.

The baggy wrinkle is now being assembled upon the bridge. With this the balance of power has shifted amongst the shipboard factions. The Baggy Wrinklers are now in control and will be until our work is done as more voyage crew join our numbers in an  effort to escape the monotony of long days and nights spent on watch. Huzzah!