A busy 24 hours….Last night was bumpy and windy and the fore upper topsail split which meant the bosun and BM’s going aloft to sort it out.

The morning dawned with a good wind from the right direction so after breakfast it was all hands on deck to set some square sails and after that switch off the engines and enjoy some sailing at over 6 knots. The forecast is set fair for the rest of the passage to the Canaries.

Quiet time after lunch gave everyone a chance to catch up with some sleep after the previous night’s rough seas. It was good to see just about everyone up and about again.

The temperature is rising as we sail south and in the morning a flying fish and small squid were found on deck. Not quite fresh Sushi but signs of our southward passage.

Marcin, the second officer, gave a fascinating talk about weather at sea which blended meterology, the history of sailing ships and the voyages of Joseph Conrad.

Although the seas moderated a little during the evening our excitement for the day was not quite over. Mike, the Bosun’s Mate, and Sophie were caught by a rogue wave emptying a bucket over the lee rail and returned to the galley literally soaked to the skin. Despite their good humour not sure they were as amused by the experience as the rest of the crew….Ah well all part of the joys of sailing.

Aft Port Watch