Day 1 – All the VC arrived nicely on time in Genoa ready for an exciting week in fairly warm fine sunny weather but the Northerly breeze was quite chilly. After dinner some went exploring ashore, others stowed their gear and kept warm, patronising the ships bar. After the customary safety drills and hands aloft we left Genoa and headed out to sea, being pleasantly surprised with warm weather and fine breezes. The ship headed south east with the sun shining, a fair wind and thankfully a smoothish sea. This allowed some sail setting, with both the main and fore lower topsail being set after departure, plus two jibs.

After a night and day at sea (predominantly sailing) we arrived late evening in Livorno.

Some of the crew headed off to recce the area for bars etc. and the best way to get to Pisa. Next day, armed with maps, timetables and instructions to purchase rail & bus tickets at the tabachi (equivalent of corner shop) we set off for Pisa.

Most of the VC went to Pisa, although some decided to relax in Livorna and enjoy the Italian coffee. A number of the crew apparently weren’t put off by hands aloft and ventured to the top of the leaning tower where the views were outstanding. After being at sea it was hard to tell if the tower was straight or not!

Other ancient buildings were explored and marvelled at from inside and out.

Most of us returned to the station in our own time, then when leaving the station realised we were all on the same train. What great team work! During the evening most people went ashore to sample the local Pasta and Pizza and of course the local vino (over 18s only!)

During this voyage Tenacious has been taken over by the Northern Language appreciation society so there are lots of “EE BY GUM” “EKKY THUMP” “NAH THEN” and many more Northern expressions.

This morning (Day 5) we did assisted climbs with Alex in his chair and Craig with a rope going aloft but it was so cold and wet they both came down pretty quickly.

Tenacious was due to leave Livorno today but the forecast is not conducive to a smooth voyage back to Genoa, with gales coming from where we want to go. Captain Simon has decided to wait till tomorrow morning to depart. Night three in Livorno ends “ee by gum, it’s raining ‘ard!”

Watch leaders Mel, Jim, Jen and John.