Captain’s log; star date 100 – oops got carried away there.

Another glory day at shore and at sea. Started out with Port of Arrecife; ended on watch at 0400. First watch seven days ago was somewhat bewildering; last watch was wistful and lovely. Talking about lovely, it’s been that and more throughout. As they say “if you think you can or you think you can’t…then you’re right”. As such, if you’re reading this and wondering whether to step, leap, wheel or cautiously step aboard…then in the words of Nike: just do it. Tomorrow is the last day, and the group that started are now fast friends. Time to grab a few winks before breakfast (we really have eaten like kings and queens…no concerns there and many kudos to Mica and Chris and others). A great and memorable day, and a much deserved kip. Come along and join the JST: you’ll be delighted you did: promise! If you won’t or you can’t (but you can!) then, heck, all donations gratefully received!