31/05/15 TNS438

What a change.  Twenty four hours after passing between Land’s End and the Scilly Isles in glorious sunshine, we entered the Needles Channel in rain and mist with poor visibility.  The passage up the Channel had been swift and uneventful with southerly and westerly winds pushing us on at speeds of up to 11.2 knots.

Our haste was not so much a desire to reach home waters as to escape the weather forecast which became progressively more forbidding.

We set sail however and the fully overhauled engines took a rest for a few hours before the ship was snugged down for the night.

We are now anchored near the West Lepe, have enjoyed a happy half hour and an excellent lunch and are settling down to the quiet time in the afternoon.  People are catching up sleep, reading, watching various yachts making their way home, or just chilling out.

One more night on board, a morning to be spent in driving round in circles, whilst swinging the compass, and Tenacious will be back on her berth; ready for the beginning of her summer season in the Channel. The delights of the Channel Ports await.