TNS460 31/05/2016 Present watch leader Terry, previous watch leader Mislav, Jimbo, Michele
(Jersey),Michele (France),Matt, Lesley, Ruth, Steve the traveller ,Mike
(boss), absent on mess duty Day 29 of a Tahiti-Fiji voyage.

A great thanks to BM Mike for organising an afternoon of well-mannered
frivolities, his pin rail competition went down with much hilarity. Since
the announcement of the Competition many watch members could be seen
hovering around the pins for last minute revision. Starboard watch’s clearly
cheated, Thankfully Port watches are made of sterner stuff and gracefully
excepted a valiant 2nd position. Last night  Mike’s watch spotted a
meteorite burning up nearby the ship and lit up the  sky above the ship for
an instant. Yesterday and today we spotted  dolphins playing around the
ship. In the evening wind start to blow suddenly, and T-gallant is ripped.
Pozdrav svima u Gradu I domovini sa juznog Pacifika.