TNS458 22/04/2016

Aft Starboard

Farewell TNS 458…..

Well here we are finally in Tahiti. The place of dreams and legends has finally become reality. After days of empty ocean and peaceful islands we’ve quickly adjusted to the shock of a busy city and the trappings of civilisation.

We have a perfect berth, right slap bang in the middle of Papette alongside a small and charming park of palms, bandstand and decorative wrought iron lamps. We don’t even have to go to the restaurants – they come to us. Around sunset the famous “roulottes” (literally “caravans” in French) turn up in the square. These little gastronomic miracles are mobile stalls which sizzle, fry and grill up a storm until well into the night.

It’s 0100 so they’ve gone now and all’s quiet. Just a couple of youngsters sleeping on park benches – sadly homelessness exists even in paradise.

We disembark tomorrow so this will be the last blog from Aft Starboard. It’s been a wonderful voyage – friendships and lifelong memories have been made and we’re already envious of those who will join for later legs. We hope you all have as great a time as we’ve had.

In the meantime wishing everyone fair winds and following seas whatever your voyage.

Chris H, Izzi (on harbour watch), Jeff, Craig, Sari, Mike and Norman (all fast asleep below).