Dear Reader, our time on the Tenacious Tall Ship has been mind boggling and fantastic. Words cannot really describe our experience but I shall try my best.

We are just over half way through our journey and have experienced all types of weather. From clear blue skies which have allowed some to experience their inner adventurous side and climb the mast onto the platforms and yards, while other crew just relax on deck in the sunshine, to tough high swells where everyone on watch gets to be a one eye sea captain for a period while helming the ship.

The permanent crew have been giving us sailing lessons and knot classes to improve skills. They have even also been giving us lessons on navigating by the stars on clear nights. But I think the best part so far was celebrating my 26th birthday with a great bunch of scallywags and the surprise birthday cake with a whale on top.

Anyhow, I have to hurry back to my watch before the  watch-leader notices I am missing.

Aft Port Watch: Dick, Phil, Debi, Stephan, Albert and Ashleigh(the scribe).