TNS460 16/05/2016 (Karen’s birthday).

Here we are, Aft Port sailing along in cobalt blue seas and azure blue sky
getting into the relaxed mood in preparation for our arrival in
Nuku Alofa. In the meantime we have been very busy.  Yesterday (Sunday)
Graeme led the crew in a Service of Hymns and bible readings with a
Pentecost marine theme.
During the night the wind dropped and this morning the sails were handed. We
are now motoring along at a steady 7Knotts.
During the night we passed the 1000 mile mark, from Tahiti.  Also we passed
165 degrees west which is the midway point between Tahiti and Fiji. Alli
produced a delicious birthday cake which was quickly consumed by the ever
hungry VC and we all sang a joyful rendition of Happy birthday to Karen
which was promptly followed brief ceremony in which Captain Chris had been
asked to throw a bottle with a message into the ocean. As we were the only
vessel passing by this way in the near future!!!! At this point and it
gracefully thrown in by Islay with due ceremony as we all watched it “bob”
its way alongside us and out of sight astern as we progressed on our
Just before lunch a Pilot whale was sighted on the Starboard side and played
in the waves for a 5 to 10 minutes.
After lunch the sail patched and stitched by Mike the Bosun’s Mate was bent
onto the Main Course Yard the Voyage Crew. We understand this was the first
time a voyage crew had completed this manoeuvre ably assisted by the
permanent crew.