TNS460 18/05/2016

Hello to all our family, friends and loyal blog readers.

Happy Wednesday!
For the first time in all of history Tenacious has crossed the International
Date Line and how exciting it is!!
Jumping from Monday to Wednesday and from Karen to Jean’s birthday we
enjoyed birthday cake twice in a row.
This longer passage to Tonga is really allowing the VC to settle into the
routine of life aboard Tenacious with a noticeable difference.

Yesterday’s ambitious VC-only bending on of the repaired main course sail
operation was a wonderful success with zero objects permanently broken and
only some Starboard Clewline issues preventing absolute nautical perfection.
It was followed by a talk given by Jimbo and Mike on the Ice Hotel that was
both informative and fascinating.
The next in this series of talks that are liberating us from the limiting
constraints of ignorance continues today with Ben the Bosun’s explanation of
all things International Date Line/time zone related.

Greetings from Fwd Starboard -Carol, Jon, Islay, Francesca, Karen, Jane,
Bill, Maggie, Stretch, Kyle.