We boarded on the 6th August, a few days ago.

We put up the sail for the first time today since we left Auckland harbour and since then we have been travelling at 5 knots. The winds speed has been fairly light today and the seas have generally been quite calm so thankfully a lot of sea sickness has been avoided.

Yesterday we got to grips with the ropes and how to haul and ease and we later went on to learn how to climb the mast and onto the yards. Climbing across the yards was an adventurous activity for some however even with a slight rain the majority put on brave faces and climbed to the top. We were anchored during the evening so one group took the opportunity to fish off the boat. Although all that was caught were small fish, many people were involved and had a great laugh.

Everyone is having a great time despite the weather and we all have our fingers crossed that the sun comes out tomorrow and that the clouds clear tonight for a starry sky whilst on watch.

Chloe Dean and Brooke Wain

9th August

Currently anchored just off Waiheke island. Sadly due to poor weather no sailing has been done today. Strong winds and currents caused the anchor to drag so a big team effort needed to raise and reset the anchor again. Although the weather is poor, spirits are high while we wait for the glorious weather to return.

The Captain and Mate, Fliss,  took full advantage of the afternoon at anchor to educate us on their specialties, which was interesting to know.

The cadets are all helping to keep us entertained by teaching us how to splice a rope resulting in some successes and  a few “interesting” attempts. Some snapper have been caught and the ship has settled into taking shelter.

Hoping for some luck with the wind and looking forward to setting sail tomorrow.

10th August

This time yesterday we were experiencing winter rain and wind.  One attempt to get underway had to be aborted due to increasing strong winds.

So we spent time below learning ropes and splicing. New skills learnt and some good social time. But that was yesterday. Thursday saw the sun beaming through the starboard port holes.

A beautiful August morning with the promise of some sailing. And so as soon as breakfast was completed we hauled in the anchor and made our way out into deeper water.

Last evening we were joined at anchor by Steinlager, the NZ America Cup boat of years past. As we sailed away this morning, Steinlarger raced past us in full sail. Spirits are all in good shape as yards are braced and sails hauled up.

What a difference a day makes. As the afternoon rolls on we haul more sails. Tenacious is now under full sail and making good progress. And just to top the day off, we are treated to dolphins on the starboard side. This is the life. Can it get any better.

11th August

After a Happy half Hour, we prepared to go ashore. After a fairly wet ride aboard the rib we made it to Waiheke. Fortunately the weather held out to allow for some ample wine tasting however, this was not the case when we ventured out for a swim. After a fairly quick dip in the sea we made our way back to shore and boarded the rib and returned to Tenacious. The ride back was wet and windy and promptly followed by a warm shower. A Sea shower of course, as we left the bay and prepared the sails we were graced with a stroke of luck in the form of some sunny weather. As I close we are presently sailing towards our anchorage near Rakino.

– Penry Herdman

Kia ora koutou katoa A little poem for you all…


You are accommodatingly spacious

We are learning to go with the flow

Even though we may be a bit slow

Captain Darren and first mate Fliss

You help make the journey bliss

From Great Barrier, down to Waiheke, over to Rakino And back down to The City of Sails Tamaki Ma Kaurau


You are incredibly courageous

We ease and we haul

We climb and we don’t fall

You sail with ease

In the Waitemata breeze

Is it the bunt lines? I haven’t got a clue lines.

Some of us were queasy

And a little bit sneezy.


You are so gracious

It’s all about building character, living in the moment, respect, support, encouragement, knowledge, wisdom, curiosity, positive attitude, sharing and listening to each other’s stories.

The 24 hour routine of great food

To keep us in the right mood.

Watch, get your bearings,

Sailing at the helm,

Happy hour and mess duty.


It’s people, It’s people, It’s people

He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata

Written by The Port Aft Watch