TNS 475, 8-14/12/2016

09 Dec 2016.

The adventure begins. Today our pilot boarded and we departed Williamstown at 0730, and were soon heading south across Port Philip Bay. After breakfast we had line handling training so that we could brace the yards as we had 30 knots of wind on the starboard bow! After bracing we set a few fore and aft sails and commenced unassisted hands-aloft training. With lunch completed we are now on watch for the first time underway! We are in the channel headed for “the Rip”, the narrow opening from Port Philip Bay to Bass Strait. Our watch is beginning to bond and getting into the routine. Looking forward to warmer weather though… currently 14 degrees, overcast and winds gusting to

30 kts +

Cheers, Aft Port-Jeff, Mike, Leonie, Ben, Anne Maree, Luke, Dan and Obi

Bouncy conditions made for an exciting passage through “the Rip”. On a ship the size of Tenacious it felt safe in the big seas. Once through “the Rip”

and heading into a SW wind, our speed was often down to 2 knots. We motored south, setting Fore and Aft sail at 1600. Several crew succumbed to ‘mal de mer’, though by 1845 when we set sail, many had recovered. By 2000 we were sailing at over 5 knots towards Wilsons Promontory. The motion had eased and we are expecting the winds to decrease overnight. Sadly not everyone enjoyed the fresh salmon followed by home-made chocolate mousse, served by Micah, the Cook, for dinner.

Captain Barbara