Greetings to all our shipmate’s both past and present, we hope you are all enjoying the festive season wherever you may be.

Tenacious is currently alongside Queens Pier in Portland Port, although we would prefer to be somewhere warmer. Having said that, we are safely tucked up on this berth and being well looked after by the Portland Harbour team and the bar staff of the local pub!

It won’t be long before we begin our voyaging again in 2022. We are certainly looking forward to it as well as seeing our voyage crew sailing with us once again. Meanwhile, all hands are steadily beavering away making sure big T is ready to go in March.

We did give ourselves Christmas Day and Boxing Day off and had an excellent Christmas dinner cooked by our very own chef Micah.  A Secret Santa present opening extravaganza in the lower mess followed, although there was some gift trading going on afterwards…!

I hope that the pandemic will finally loosen its grip on us all, and we will be able to get back to some sort of normality, whatever the definition of “normal” is!

My personal idea of “normal” is seeing Tenacious doing what she was built to do. We will certainly be ready come March, ship stored, shipmates at their stations, sails ready to set, and all eyes turned towards the horizon ready for the next adventure.

We wish you all fair winds and steady seas for the new year and beyond.

Captain Darren and all onboard Tenacious.