As we near the end of the Special Survey, we thought we’d share a couple of items that we continue to fundraise for.

Fire Safety

Given our mixed ability crew, fire safety is a huge concern on Tenacious. We need to install a ‘high fog’ water mist system throughout the ship, that will give everyone the maximum response time if the worst were to happen. Cost: £30,000

A square meal

To keep food fresh on long voyages, our fridge-plants and fridges must be repaired and improved. Food safety is essential and mealtimes are the pillars of a day at sea, providing opportunities for camaraderie and storytelling. Cost £8,000.

If you haven’t yet donated to support Tenacious at Twenty, we’d love to receive your support now. And below you’ll find a breakdown of further costs involved, which you can donate towards.

However large or small the amount, it all helps. Many thanks for any support you can give. 

  • Docking

    Docking operation 

    Every two and a half to three years, we are required to put Tenacious into Dry Dock for a mandatory inspection to ensure she is safe, reliable and sea-worthy. To ensure she is in exactly the right position for when the dock is drained of water is a highly specialised operation, and crucial for the inspections of her hull whilst she is ‘dry’.  

    Cost to the JST;     £10,000


    Dock rental 

    This covers the cost of being in the dock itself, and we anticipate being in the dock for three weeks.  

    Cost to the JST;     £6,300 for an estimated 21 days, which equates to £300 per day. 

    A £300 donation could fund the costs of berthing Tenacious in the Dry Dock for a day – is this something you can consider? 


    Hull cleaning 

    The hull has been sitting in salt water for three years. Whilst Tenacious is made of wood, the hull is covered in a fibreglass resin which is then covered with special paint known as ‘anti foul’ that reduces growth of sea algae. We need to wash this off with high pressure water jet equipment. 

    Cost to the JST;    £20,000


    Hull painting 

    Re-painting the hull is a crucial part of the process. Not only does it protect the ship, we need to use certified tin free paint to prevent ocean pollution. The figures below include labour cost, and we also need to have the work checked by the paint company and endorsed by Lloyd’s Register.

    Cost to the JST;     £18,000 

    £65 could fund a pot of environmentally friendly Hull paint, which would help ensure Tenacious is protected from ocean pollution for years to come.



  • General services

    Garbage and waste

    We did say this process was expensive – even recycling costs money! We recycle everything we possibly can, but there will always be some garbage and waste.

    Cost to the JST;    £2,000 


    Water and electricity 

    We’ll rely on a water and electricity supply to the ship for around 60 days of the Special Survey, which costs around £10 per day for water, and £40 per day for electricity. 

    Cost to the JST;     £4,000


    Crane hire 

    Cranes are essential for various operations, such as taking down yards or lifting heavy machinery. This is overseen by a banksman who ensures we are following guidelines –  we  plan this work to be as cost efficient as possible.  

    Cost to the JST;     £8,000

    Shore accommodation 

    For the three weeks that Tenacious is in Dry Dock, our crew (of around 13 people) naturally can’t live on board. But we still need them! We work hard to keep both the numbers of crew and the cost of accommodation down to a minimum, but of course it’s an expense we cannot avoid. 

    Cost to the JST;     £20,000


    Layby berth 

    When not in the Dry Dock, Tenacious will be alongside in Sharpness Shipyard whilst we undertake the rest of the essential maintenance she needs.

    Cost to the JST;         £8,000


  • Electronics


    Short and long range communication is of course vital on board Tenacious – we need at least eight of these to be replaced and fitted. 

    Cost to the JST;         £1,500

    £100  could pay for an antenna, ensuring crew can communicate in both short and long range.

    GMDSS and radios

    The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System is – for obvious reasons – an essential part of our safety on board. We need to replace some of her radios and satellite communications – including some which were fitted during her build in 2000!  

    Cost to the JST;         £8,000


    ECDIS – Chart System

    Tenacious is required to carry charts – or nautical maps – for the areas in which she sails. Updating and maintaining these is currently a manual and labour intensive process. We aim to install an electronic charting system, which will simplify the planning of voyages and ensure changes are updated more quickly and efficiently. This equipment will see Tenacious brought up to current industry standards.

    Cost to the JST;   £8,500 

    Ship’s log 

    The system we use to measure the ship’s speed through water, which was fitted at build, has become inoperative.  We’ve been fortunate to receive a donated system, but we need to install cabling and drill the hull to fit the sensor. 

    Cost to the JST;         £2,000


    Satellite communications 

    We plan to fit a leased satellite communications system to improve connectivity and communications between ship and shore, for both administrative use and – importantly – the welfare of our Permanent and Voyage Crews. 

    Cost to the JST;         £1,000



  • Engineering

    Machinery alarm system

    Our original system installed at build is now obsolete and so we need to replace this to continue operating. This alarm system is crucial: it means the machinery spaces can operate without watchkeepers and it covers engines, power generation, domestic services and safety systems. 

    Cost to the JST;         £28,000

    Thanks to the generous donations from a number of Charitable Trusts, we have already secured over £21,000 towards this new system. Your donation could help fund the remaining costs.


    Main engines 

    The ship’s current main engines (mid sized diesel engines) are originals from her build and at twenty years of age, with over 30,000 hours running time, need to be either stripped and re-built, or replaced completely. Replacements will bring the ship into line with current emissions standards, lower fuel consumption and provide for another twenty years of operation. This is obviously our preferred way forward. 

    Cost to the JST;        £50,000

    Catalytic convertors 

    We are required to fit catalytic convertors to reduce Nitrogen Dioxide levels, so that we are in line with current emission standards. 

    Cost to the JST;         £25,000


    Main generators

    The ship’s current primary electrical generators, or alternators, are the originals from her build and both have run for some 85,000 hours. They need to be replaced to bring the ship into line with current emissions standards, and to improve reliability and fuel consumption. 

    Cost to the JST;         £40,000

    Naturally, these aren’t cheap items. Each generator will cost the JST £20,000.  

    Emergency generator 

    As with our main generators, the ship’s emergency electrical generator is the original from her build. Ideally this should be replaced to bring Tenacious in line with current emissions standards, improve reliability and fuel consumption, as well as assist with spares and technical alignment with the main generators.

    Cost to the JST;         £17,000


    Sewage treatment plant 

    We like to think of Tenacious as a mini city, and so she needs all the services you would expect ashore. This includes a sewage treatment plant because we don’t want to pump raw sewage overboard! This runs all day every day so needs a bit of TLC when alongside. 

    Cost to the JST;         £15,000



    It’s a statutory requirement to remove the propellers every five years for inspection, and the best time to do this is while the ship is in Dry Dock. It’s a complex and labour intensive process which involves disconnecting the shaft from the engine, and removing the propellers from the body of the ship – not forgetting to polish them too of course!

    Cost to the JST;         £20,000


    Underwater valves

    We have 22 valves which sit below the water-line that require replacing. They allow seawater to be used to cool the engines and discharge the treated sewage.

    Cost to the JST;         £15,000


    Pipe replacements 

    Pipework around the ship supplies all the essential necessities, including fresh water and fuel, and there are sections that need to be replaced to continue these important functions. 

    Cost to the JST;         £15,000


    Pump replacement 

    Pumps are used in several locations around the ship, from pumping fresh water to the taps, to pumping fuel from tanks, to taking away dirty water or sewage. Replacement pumps are needed otherwise our systems will go offline, and this is something we definitely don’t want to happen!

    Cost to the JST;         £1,200


    Bow Thruster Unit

    A Bow Thruster is the unit used to assist the ship when its coming in and out of  port berths – this is important because it assists with manoeuvrability (Tenacious weighs 586 gross tonnes!). Our existing unit is 13 years old and requires updating. 

    Cost to the JST;         £10,000


  • Anchor and chain

    Replacement anchor chain

    As the anchor chain slowly wears away with use, we need to replace it with a new chain. We’ve costed this to replace six shackles of length (27.5m per shackle length).

    Cost to the JST;            £4,500


    Bowsprit chains

    Much like the anchor chain, over time the chain supporting the bowsprit at the front of the ship needs to be replaced.

    Cost to the JST;            £2,800 

    £30 could help fund replacement bowsprit chains, ensuring the bowsprit is well supported and able to accommodate the bravest of our crew!



  • Rigging

    Sails replacement 

    Tall Ships always need new sails as they’re constantly exposed to the elements and of course the wind! The Special Survey gives us a great opportunity to replace some of her most worn  sails (and how many we can replace depends on how much we can raise) to prepare her for her 2021 programme.  

    Cost to the JST;             £50,000

    Rigging wires/stays 

    As part of a rolling maintenance program we need to replace the rigging wires (known as ‘stays’) that hold the mast up. 

    Cost to the JST;            £40,000


    Renewing link plates

    These are crucial fabricated steel plates that connect the wire stays holding up the mast, all the way down to the hull of the ship. With over 40 on board, each needs to be removed, cleaned back with a sand blaster, before being repainted and sent back to the Ship. 

    Cost to the JST;             £10,000


    Servicing of yards or spars

    The yards (the horizontal spars/beams that are on the front two masts that give our ship the traditional square-rigged sailing, or pirate ship, look) need to be maintained as part of our rigging. The most effective way to do this is to bring them down and work on them at a normal height. This could involve anything from replacing wires, painting, checking shackles, all before sending them back up the masts.

    Cost to the JST;        £10,000

    £500 could help us refurbish one of the most iconic elements of the ship; our yards are quite symbolic for many of our supporters – having clung to them as part of their JST experience!



    Replacement rope 

    As with any sailing ship, rope becomes worn after a period of time. The main areas we need to replace are the braces (they pull the yards around the ship, from one side to the other), halyards (they pull the sails up) and sheets (these allow us to control the shape of the sail).

    Cost to the JST;         £15,000

    Bowsprit work 

    Much like the yard/spars, the bowsprit needs to be removed for modifications that will make it more structurally sound. This will also involve a check over, welding and a refresh of paint before being reinstalled at the front (bow) of the ship.

    Cost to the JST;         £15,000


  • General deck

    Gangway replacement 

    The ship’s gangway (the specially designed ramp to gain access to the ship, ours is designed to take wheelchairs) is in need of replacement after many years of service. This means we can continue to achieve safe, clear access on and off the ship and allows us to be accessible to our JST community.

    Cost to the JST;         £4,000

    Galley hotplate replacement 

    Vital for us to carry on serving our brilliant standard of food. On a full ship, our hotplate allows us to serve almost 1500 meals every week. We think you’ll agree this is something we can’t do without. 

    Cost to the JST;        £600


    Fridge/freezer system

    Again, a vital item that allows great food during a JST experience. The freezer system on board needs to be kept up to standard, and currently needs a few parts replaced such as pipework, compressors and plant innards. 

    Cost to the JST;         £8,000



    We’re hoping to finish up the special survey by giving Tenacious a fresh lick of paint – the birthday present we think she deserves. We’ll be painting the chart house, foremast, deck and the side of the ship (this not only looks good, but protects the structure underneath from the elements too). 

    Cost to the JST;         £20,000

  • Safety

    Hi Fog panel 

    Onboard we have an automatic sprinkler system called a Hi Fog System, which protects the accommodation should there be a fire. We need to replace the PLC panel (the main control panel).

    Cost to the JST;         £10,995


    Hi Fog system 

    This system is really important because it provides protection should there be a fire, and must be serviced annually.  This has to be carried out by specialised contractors. 

    Cost to the JST;         £8,000


    Fire alarm 

    The fire alarm system, essential to the safety of the ship, requires replacement. It’s technology we won’t compromise on and needs to be brought up to current standards. 

    Cost to the JST;         £10,000


    Life Saving Appliances

    This includes the life rafts and immersion suits (specialised suits if you have to enter the water that will keep you warm). All of these need a mandatory annual service by an approved contractor.

    Cost to the JST;        £14,000


    Boat davits 

    We use our boat davits to launch our boats that run people ashore or assist in an emergency, so it’s important we repair and repaint them as well as carry out their annual servicing and inspection. 

    Cost to the JST;         £8,000

    Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 

    All our lifting gear is required to be inspected and tested to ensure it conforms before we are allowed to use it. This includes all the lifts between decks and the equipment to enable wheelchair users to go up the mast (‘aloft’) – a really important part of the JST experience.

    Cost to the JST;         £10,000


  • At a glance summary of Special Survey costs

We are so grateful for any support you can provide for Tenacious’ Special Survey. You’re helping us to continue sailing, beyond the Covid-19 crisis and for many years to come. 

** The above items or planned works have been identified by our Ship Operations department.

It may be that some items can be purchased or actioned sooner should funding be obtained, or that some items may be deferred to occur in later or smaller maintenance periods.

Our hope is to secure funding so that they would be available for Tenacious’ Special Survey during the Autumn 2020 in advance of her 2021 sailing programme. **


"When people ask me if I would go again, I reply ‘in a heart beat’. Seeing my buddy steering Tenacious at the helm and telling me that he felt in control for the first time in his life, was the biggest reward I could ask for."

Sally, Voyage Crew