Day 6

We’re making good progress under sail across the lower part of the Bass Strait with a Force 5 wind. During the voyage we’ve been accompanied by dolphins and shy albatross. As it drew light yesterday morning we noticed the foremast course sail had a small rip along the seam so the permanent crew have taken it down and replaced it with the course from the mainmast with help from the voyage crew. Micah has had good tunes on in the galley and he and Nate (good beard) have kept us well fed with Linda, Alan and David working hard helping them in the mess. Blue watch, led by the unflappable Peter S, are currently working as look-outs (Graham & Abbi right now) and everyone is taking turns steering Tenacious including, Micki, with encouragement from Sean. It’s another beautiful day on the water!

After days and nights alone in the vast emptiness of the Tasman Sea, the Sunday afternoon watch spotted landfall as South Eastern Victoria emerged from the mist off the port bow. Almost immediately thereafter, we were thrown into a ferment of excitement to find Tenacious surrounded on three sides by other vessels: two off the port beam, one dead ahead and another following us on the starboard side. Of these, one was a ship carrying hazardous materials through this environmentally sensitive part of the sea, two were container ships and, passing a mere mile and a half to our port side, was the Queen Mary 2. Meanwhile, completely unfazed, members of the permanent crew were stalwartly working aloft on the fore course yards, fitting lines to the transferred sail. And then, just like that, we were alone again.

We have definitely left the coolness of Tasmania behind and are now enjoying some real warmth as we close on the mainland. In the space of 24hrs rather than looking for a sunny spot to spend some time on deck now shade is sought from the strong sun and heat. In a few days, Tenacious will once again enter Sydney harbour and pass under, “the Bridge,” which will cause great excitement to the “first timers” on board.

Even those who have passed under her a few times now still look forward to the thrill of it. Sunday roast of lamb followed by apple pie coming up for dinner.