Welcome to TNS 489. Wellington to Auckland. At 1300hrs on Day 1, the voyage crew joined Tenacious. Watch leaders were primed with smiley faces and warm welcomes to get us off to a good start as we begun our afternoon of orientation. We spent the afternoon as one group with the Captain and Chief Mate conducting training briefs and giving introductory talks on the adventure soon to begin!

Day 2. Having spent an afternoon and an evening getting to know each other, we were primed and ready to single up and leave Wellington. Having been fed a sumptuous buffet lunch by the quite incredible cook (Hammie) Departed Wellington sailed into 35+ knots of wind. Continued our training with bracing and line handling. Then another evacuation drill. All targets met – even under five minutes! At sunset we were treated to dolphins on the bow for over half an hour. Jumping, diving, leaping at the bow.

Day 3. Still quite windy, at 25 – 35 knots from the south west, our destination Hawk bay where we got to anchor overnight just off Cape Kidnappers. Beautiful white cliffs and some gannets came over to say hi!
In the afternoon the elusive happy hour appeared.

Day 4. After a quiet night at anchor we make our way slowly to Napier – our voyage’s first run ashore. Before the crew went ashore the crew were given a very informative talk on sail setting – thanks Allie!

Day 5. We took crew photographs ashore. Then after 24 hours on dock, crew refreshed we sprang of and departed Napier harbour and headed north. Leaving port, we set all sails on the foremast and all sails on the main mast but the coarse. Plus a couple of foresails and stay sails. After a pleasant days sailing the wind dropped and all sails handed. On completion of this we had another happy hour. We also caught a fish today! Mmmy tasty (even the vegetarians thought so).

Day 6. With a pleasant south westerly wind we set sails again, heading north towards or next port of call. Sun is out and morale is great. Lots of sails set and napping on the deck on a sunny afternoon – bliss! We’ve also been sighting some amazing albatrosses and other marine birdlife. Fortunately we have some avid bird-spotters in our voyage crew who could help us identify them.

Day 7. We passed White Island at dawn – smelly sulphur and both fortunately and unfortunately, no smoke rising from the active volcano! We have been blessed with another sunny day! Same as yesterday, lots of sails set and more lying on the sunny deck. A glorious day for climbing to the top of the mast as we crossed the Bay of Plenty! We anchored for the night in the Coromandel.

Day 8. After another delicious breakfast, we climbed and went out on the yard arms – a practice for tomorrow when the wind will rise and we will need to stow them. We attempted to land on Hot Water Beach to head ashore for the afternoon but the surf was too much and meant we could not land. Instead we went for a tiki-tour across the bay to see the caves and circled round the ship for our many amateur photographers to capture the impressive beauty of our ship! Fortunately we had enough time to get everyone in and out. Alex the Bosun had a fantastic jam on the guitar and most of the crew joined for a happy singalong.

Day 9. Winds are beginning to rise so we scampered up to the yards to stow the square sails. Lucky for us, this was great timing and we were up the yards as we were cruising into Mercury Bay. We have passed incredible rock formations and small islands. Another happy hour to keep the ship happy. The weather is turning cold and windy again. We are heading into Kennedy Bay to anchor and shelter for the afternoon and night.