Presentation of the Morrisons Foundation ChequeThe JST would like to say a huge thank you to the Morrisons Foundation for their generous donation of £16,800 to help train and support our fantastic volunteer crews.

Our on-board volunteers sail as either Bosun’s Mates (BMs) or Cook’s Assistants (CAs). BM’s play a central role in our daily ship operations – supervising and teaching voyage crew when climbing the rigging or executing sailing manoeuvres, and have key designated responsibilities in the unlikely event of an emergency.  Our Cooks Assistants are essential in delivering the 2000+ calories a day required to fuel each crew member in the form of three hot meals and two ‘tea’ breaks a day, and work in extraordinary conditions to achieve this goal with the ships’ cook. Volunteers also bring a wealth of new knowledge, experience and backgrounds to our voyages, which is important to our mission.

Some of our volunteer crew were on-board to receive the cheque during Lord Nelson’s current maintenance period in Southampton.

It is thanks to the support of organisations such as the Morrisons Foundation that the Jubilee Sailing Trust are able to integrate over 2,000 people of mixed abilities every year. Together we are breaking down barriers between people of different circumstances, challenging misconceptions about disability, and opening minds to the power of diverse teams within an inclusive environment.