We wanted to say a huge thank you to some of our volunteers who have gone above and beyond for the JST this year. We couldn’t possibly list all our generous supporter who contribute to our work, but we wanted to say a few special “thank yous”.

But first, click here for a short video from JST Chair, Charles Humpleby. You can also click on the photo of Charles below to access the video.

Transcript from the video is as follows:

“Good morning on this very blustery and wintry day on 1st December 2021 here from Jersey.

“I don’t know what it’s like where you are but its certainly very windy here, so it would be a very exciting day on Tenacious if you were out!

“But this is to say thank you to all our volunteers for the JST and to wish everyone a happy Christmas and all the very best for 2022 and look forward to seeing Tenacious back here in Jersey in April, hopefully to see as many of you then as possible.

“Thank you very much.”

Also, here’s a link to a few words from JST Chief Executive, Patrick Fleming – you can also click the photo of Patrick below to access the video.

Transcript from the video is as follows:

“Good morning. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for the wonderful work you do on shore and on ship.

“Without you we simply wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do and this year particularly has been a very difficult year as we all know. But, you’ve been behind us doing all the jobs that we need to do to make sure we carry on doing great things for JST.

“As we approach Christmas its obviously a wonderful time of year for us all to be together and I hope that the pandemic rules and regulations will not get in the way of us enjoying family time.  I hope that next year will bring a happier time for us all and that we will see lots of our volunteers again in all walks of life doing all sorts of wonderful things to support us.

“Again my sincere thanks for everything you do for us, we are most grateful.”

Individual thank yous

Here’s Rhys Jones who ran the marathon this year!

Below is Kevin Jones, who cycled from Portsmouth to Cardiff in June, a total of 187 miles and raised £1,500.


Ann Robinson from the Cornwall branch who held a fantastic, celebratory garden party.

A big thanks to Sue Tupper who kindly donated the use of her Hayling Island beach hut for the JST raffle in April.

Neil Abraham was voyage crew on board Tenacious and took on his 25th voyage in August 2021, raising £1,112 – thank you Neil!

Branch and team thank yous

As well as our amazing individuals, we have some superstar branches that deserve a shout out:

Jersey and Cardiff

Both branches had to endure last-minute cancellations as a result of Covid. Not only is this extremely disappointing, but we are aware of the organisation and planning that goes in to preparing for a voyage and we’d like to thank these branches and all the volunteers for their hard work and efforts.

Poole Branch

Charlie Mercer is one of our WLs, Poole Branch members, Daysail BM & Hosts. She is the nicest person you could wish to meet, and an asset when sailing onboard in any of her many roles. She is a great advocate for disabilities, being in a wheelchair, part time, herself. She has had the arduous task of sorting all the waterproofs for the last few years – often fixing them too. Charlie is a skilled jewellery maker and has donated profits to the JST over the years. Charlie helps us out in so many ways and is considered a true friend by many.

Heavers’ Barnet open Garden event

Thanks to all those who helped with the Lord Nelson clean up too.

Heavers’ picnic

Covid “teams” thank you!

We would love to hear your stories and experiences as a volunteer and supporter of JST and anyone else you feel deserves recognition. Send us all your news to marketing@jst.org.uk