The trustees of the Jubilee Sailing Trust wish to extend their sincere thanks to everyone for the fantastic fundraising commitment to help us raise £425K so far toward our target of £500K. This is a huge and successful result supported by more than 2000 separate donations.

We said at the outset that all donations received would be ring fenced until the £500k target has been reached.

With donations continuing to arrive and the target clearly achievable, the trustees wish to seek your support for us to both continue with our fundraising campaign to £500k and onward to £1.2m and to use some of the funds raised to meet urgent and immediate financial commitments.

These are payment of unpaid wages and support for Tenacious to deliver its planned voyage due to start on April 22. These aims formed part of the original purposes of the Covid Recovery Campaign.

Donations apart, the campaign has generated a desire for some of the supporters of the charity to forgive their historic loans totalling nearly £500k and generous suppliers to forgive invoices.

Supporters will also be aware that our tall ship Lord Nelson, is currently up for sale. We have now received a letter of intent for her purchase.

The trustees also continue to work closely with our advisers, Grant Thornton, Hill Dickinson and Nat West.

Due to the urgency of this request we would ask anyone wishing to have the donation returned to contact us immediately at:

Do please continue to support our campaign by donating here:

Do also share this BBC Travel Show video which vividly shows the work we do with your friends and networks