Day 1  20/07/19

We joined the JST Ship Tenacious In Poole with high hopes and excitement yesterday, knowing nothing at all about sailing. After a busy few hours learning the essentials of ship safety Less than 24 hours later as a watch we have been setting and securing sails, guiding the ship, and keeping watch. Everyone is so friendly and supportive of each other, which is what the ethos of the trust really brings out of everyone. The whole crew have a part to play in making the voyage a success. We have really enjoyed the time we have spent hereso far and are excited to see what the next few days bring!

Forward Port

Day 4  24/07/19

Today is Day 4 of our voyage from Poole to London and we have just left the French town of Boulogne. We stayed in port there overnight and we all went ashore last night and had a lovely meal together. It took a while for the dessert to arrive but it was great chatting to everyone anyway so it didn’t matter. Overnight there wasn’t a lot to do on watch but I heard a couple hours later some Frenchmen dressed as scots had to be persuaded that they wouldn’t actually be able to leap from the harbour to the ship. So at least there was some light entertainment. Overall, the voyage has been great so far and I’m looking forward to the last couple days. Today before departure and a last chance to explore the town and get a light French bite to eat all the Crew assisted in the less able to do climbs aloft, This was enjoyed both by the climbers and the intrigued French spectators as they passed by looking up. and for those that were interested our super Chief Engr Dave gave some a guided and informative tour of the Engine Room.. We now have left the tranquil seas of Boulogne and now head (under motor) into the busy traffic lanes ahead ……all keeping a close watch for ships as most Listen to Ali the Mate deliver a talk on Sail Setting.

Aft Port