Day 2  21/05/19

Hello from Voyage TNS 531, Weymouth to Cardiff. After joining and undergoing basic training yesterday, we moved off from Weymouth Quay and into the bay where we anchored overnight. The early evening was calm and we had the most glorious sunset with plenty of photos being taken as the sun came out below the clouds and bathed the sky in shades of orange, red and purple. While most of the crew enjoyed the comforts of the bar, we (Aft Port Watch) looked after the ship and were treated at about 22:30 with a full red moon rising in the east and flooding the waters of the bay with a silvery red shine. After a hearty breakfast this morning, crew training continued with our second evacuation drill followed by line handling training from bosun Jeff. At 11:30 we weighed anchor and set off under motor south and then west around the bottom of Portland Bill. We are at present heading towards Start Point under warm sunshine and soft breezes. As we type this, ours lookouts have just spotted our first pod of dolphins of the voyage.

That’s all for now from the best watch on board, Aft Port. Mike.T, Gordon, Andrew, Cherrie, Sally and Rachel.

Day 3  23/05/19
After calm seas and a gentle overnight motor around Lands End we awoke to find the tranquil Island of Lundy in the not too far distance. The crew eagerly waited as breakfast and meetings were had about the logistics of getting all ashore, the PC rigged ladders and readied the boats and all was set. The day couldn’t have been nicer, glorious sun, clear skies and no wind made for a smooth run ashore and the VC were set free to explore the delights of a remote National Trust site whilst the PC were left to catch up on any essentials jobs aboard ship. Upon return Chief Eng Dave hosted his Quiz and made a most entertaining quizmaster keeping everyone occupied with a fabulous evening of general knowledge……..all watches were out to make sure the PC did not win!!!!! And they were not disappointed.

Day 4  24/05/19 
Another fine day in the Bristol Channel, although a little hazy meant only one thing….assisted climbs and Wheelies aloft. It’s always a joy to see the smiling faces as the whole crew partake in getting things rigged and ready wondering what the many straps and pulleys will be doing. In all another great success, the haze cleared and the 4 remaining climbers enjoyed the view of Lundy Island and its surrounding waters. Alas it was time to weigh anchor and get underway as the Captain predicted wind!. It wasn’t long before we were underway and the orders were given to set sail (Yay, sighed most of the crew). We now have Royals, Topsails set on both masts and an outer Jib. We have been treated to a sight of probably the largest pod of dolphins sighted in UK waters by most people aboard (estimate to be in the region of 100) that’s what we could see. Next stop at anchor somewhere maybe off the Welsh coast !!!! until next time.