After having enjoyed an evening out in Cadiz and a nice morning sight-seeing the next day, we left port in the afternoon because we only had the berth for 24 hours. We only travelled a short distance before dropping anchor.

That evening we had a lovely barbecue, prepared by the galley team and grilled by the engineers with delicious punch prepared by the medical purser.

After a quiet night we sailed off the anchor and set off again.

The winds were light, so we set fore course, lower and upper topsail and t’gallant as well as main lower and upper topsail and t’gallant, inner, outer and flying jib and set off at a slow pace.

At midnight, the oncoming and off going watches wore ship so that we now were slowly sailing in the right direction.

The following morning, Friday, saw us encounter a strong wind funnelling through the straights of Gibraltar, so we handed all square sails as well as  the flying and outer jib and motor sailed into the wind. This was the first time this voyage we encountered seas other than smooth and a few folk felt a little poorly but soldiered on.

The wind and sea calmed down overnight, so everybody felt better by Saturday morning as we made our way into Gibraltar.


The rock was initially shrouded by mist but luckily that has mostly burnt off by now as we go on shore leave.

JC, Forward Port