Day 2  28/05/19

Cast off from Cardiff Bay, through the dock and bang – a strong headwind and hefty tide meant no headway at all and an overnight anchorage off romantic and sub-tropical Barry Island. 6.00 am Tuesday morning – we slipped the anchor and manfully set off into a biggish sea and the prospect of a long day motoring towards Cornwall. However the crew are in good heart, discovering the delight of eating every hour or so and keeping up our blood sugar levels with chocolate and full Coca Cola. The BBC are on board filming for the Travel Programme with the camera crew trying to position Alex, the long suffering presenter, in the way of a decent wave breaking over the handrail. We got a taste of sweating, flaking, bracing and heaving as we press on down the Bristol Channel. We’re making better progress now at 5-6 knots but can’t wait until we round the corner – expected RV with waypoint, tomorrow morning – and hopefully set the sails as our westerly nemesis becomes our friend.