Hoisting up sails in the sun and a few minutes later hauling them back in again soaked to the skin.

We have been to Alderney, besieged by tsunami size waves which lifted us aloft and then dropped us in a hole. We hastily upped anchor and fled to the safety of a calm dockyard near Weymouth (Portland).

The challenges kept on coming. Some people had already climbed the main masts earlier in the voyage. However, before we went ashore, the Wheelies had a chance to haul themselves or be hauled up to the main platforms on the masts. To see the world from a very unique and different perspective and complete such a mega achievement was amazing for them.

In Portland, we had well-earned shore-time. All voyage crew (34 in total) went to a refined restaurant “The Boat that Rocks” where we were serenaded by a “gentle” rock band. We had a lovely choice of meals and a little alcohol was partaken to celebrate the sponsorship of this annual event by VMware and their amazing team.

On return, we were ordered to the lower mess, where we watched the infamous pantomime. Of course, with the usual female parts played by “men” with men’s parts, whilst other parts were a little bit of guesswork. Audience participation could have been better! And quicker! (Oh no it couldn’t !!) in response to the placards held aloft.

After the panto, some Voyage Crew went ashore to play with the locals, (they very much liked the men dressed as ladies) but were unlucky as no-one offered to buy them drinks. Everyone arrived back safely onboard, with the Wheelies going “no hands” down the gangway. All managed to rise (a few sore heads) and were capable of setting sails for us to gently move back towards Portsmouth with all personnel carrying out their allocated duties. A lovely smooth journey so far. See you all soon from the elderly member of the crew with the newly acquired “navvies” hands.