Good afternoon from a sunny and a fairly calm Bay of Biscay. This voyage has been dogged by bad weather. We left Portland last Thursday hoping to head towards Lisbon but owing to gales being forecast Captain Darren decided to anchor at Torbay and we stayed there until Saturday. We set off again but with more gales forecast, so after some sailing we went back to anchor in Torbay.

On Sunday morning the Dartmouth Lifeboat came alongside to use Tenacious for a training exercise. This was very exciting and the MOB dummy was rescued from the laundry by the lifeboat crew. The 21st October being Trafalgar day, a black tie dinner (well anything we could find) was held. The lower mess was decorated for the occasion and after the traditional Captain’s speech, a loyal toast was drunk. While at anchor, a riotous quiz night hosted by Bosun Fi and 2nd Engineer, Didi was held, which was won by AS Watch.

On Monday we motored round to Dartmouth and once again with the forecast far from good, we stayed alongside until Wednesday afternoon when we finally set off to Lisbon. Everybody enjoyed a run ashore.

We left Dartmouth at 16.00 hrs and headed south towards France. The weather wasn’t too bad and the sea a bit lumpy – not as bad as it could be but in the early hours of this morning the wind hit 40knts. Thankfully we were somewhat sheltered near Brest at the time. 

We are making good speed under engines, not much chance to sail as we are heading into the wind and, at present, hoping to get to Lisbon on time or maybe a day late.

AP watch.

Photo credit: Officer Tom
Photo shows a small orange RNLI lifeboat with 4 x members of crew onboard